Beginners Piano Videos – 7 all Free.


Look what I found while over at their website, ( I use this program myself and visit to use the online videos with my practice) anyhow

the team over at Rocket Piano just posted up 7
new beginner video lessons as part of their
complementary “Beginner Piano” series. I’ve
checked them out and they’re seriously good
lessons, packed full with great tips and tricks
to take your playing to the next level.

As usual, I only Share with you things I believe

are worthy of sharing with you… and these
videos are definitely that.

They’re totally free, but are only on offer for a
short time. So, if you’re interested, you need to
go and check them out now before they disappear…

P.S Remember *there is no charge* for this stuff and you’re getting a whole bunch of training videos that you can put into action right away.

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A Piano Keyboard – WK8000 Piano Keyboard Review 2012.

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A Piano Keyboard - Best of both worlds.

A Piano Keyboard – Best of both worlds.



So This is A Piano Keyboard I am reviewing,and it has many features that you can utilize to give you the sound you want.

PIANO SETTING button – I like this as one press and it is set up for grand piano performance.

High-quality multi-channel digital effects:
132 preset effects (100 DSP effects, 16 reverbs, 16
choruses) and 100 user DSP effects
Drawbar Organ Function – it has 50 preset, but I never used so can not comment.
Editing of WK-8000 parameters
WK-8000 rhythm pattern creation from SMF
WK-8000 tone with waveform data
SD memory card slot – Handy to record yourself or add backing tracks downloaded from the internet.
Save music data and play back SMF (format 0) data
directly from a SD memory card.
•88 full-size keys (piano-style keyboard)
•Touch response (3 sensitivity levels, off)
•32-note polyphony (maximum)
•Key transpose
•Tuning control
•3 demonstration tunes
•GM level 1 compatible
•Speakers (dia x qty):16cm x 2 , 5cm x 2
•Amplifier:6W 6W
•Comes with wood stand, pedal (SP-3), music
stand, CD-ROM (USB driver, Music Data Management
Comes with stand, stool to match, foot pedal and full

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The Casio WK8000 is a amazing sounding 88 Key Musical keyboard with great feel and is ideal for home/project studio use, open-mic performance, education/classroom applications, or simply for pure musical enjoyment…The WK8000  Keyboard with touch response, allows you to select up to 894 tones that include orchestral sounds, synthesized sound and more….

Most of the other sounds are generally good; the only thing I’m somewhat disappointed in is the piano sound…

while it sounds ok I just feel it lacks depth.and after a while the plastic keys get on your nerves- click clicking sound

“Build quality is fine, not “on-tour” rugged but just as good as similar products from Yamaha and others…”

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Casio‘s ZPI sound chip (almost Privia quality), limited workstation capability and  sounds (many variations of every category), built in speakers, very light weight.

WK8000 Piano Keyboard workstation review 2012. “The bottom line is that I’m very pleased with the WK8000.  

Piano or Keyboard – Which is Better?

Music flowing from within the piano

Good question, and one I get asked a lot, but to be honest really, it’s down to the individual to answer this one themselves.

We are all different in our tastes so what is good for me may not be good for you etc.

I guess the best that one can do to answer this is to give you some good points on both instruments and the final decision will be yours, but what I always recommend is for you to go to your local music shops and try as many different types of both the piano and piano keyboards as once again all are different.

The Piano alone can be made to sing like a bird or sound like thunder on a bad day its such a versatile instrument that really you can create any mood with it.

piano keyboard from two angles


The Keyboard comes into its own really for people who like to arrange music and play around with the sounds it also is fantastic for adding say a full orchestra as backing to your solo piano playing